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10 places you won’t belive are Mexico!

Do you wonder how incredible is real Mexico? Have you thought of visiting the country while seeing cliché photos? Wonder no more. We have the real guide for this magnificent country.

1. Central de abastos


It is not Southeast Asia after a Tsumani, it is the Central de Abastos in Mexico City.

2. Metro Pantitlán


It is not a slum near the Ganges. It is the Pantitlán Metro station.

3. Cochoapa el Grande


You may think this is war ravaged Somalia, but it is not. It has been the lowest  Human Developement Index municipality  in Mexico, for 10 years!

4.  El puerto de Veracruz

070312-A-6950H-002: fotos2_2014-04-17_694430


Is it an oilspill within the Great Pacific garbage patch? No, it is the port of Veracruz.

5. People with squared shirts and baseball caps


It looks like this is a bunch of old people YOLO swaggin’. But no, it is the mexican commoner.

6. Michoacán


It appears to be a part of the sulphur riddled hell. But wait; it is the mexican state of Michoacán.

7. Godínez Office


You may think this is an unproductive sweatshop in Thailand. You are wrong. This is a mexican government office, locally known as “Jaula para Godínez”.

8. Congreso de la Unión


It looks as an adult nursery or some kind of relaxing area in a club. On this, you are totally right. This is the mexican legislative at “work”.

9. Toluca


This is not an abandoned, high crime rate, part of Detroit. Of course it is the most beautiful part of Toluca city.



It may appear as Haití. But those grey house infested slums are in fact Tijuana.

 Bonus 2014:

¿Perhaps Kony’s army in Uganda?


No, it is Iguala, a merry place for students and druglords.


dios dice:

Asia después de un tsunami, lo peor hahaha

chencho dice:

Chingas a tu madre puto gallego de mierda, haces este artículo porque los estado unidenses no van de viaje a tu puto país caro y feo y vienen a México, lo bueno que esta página varata no la lee nadie.

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