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Latin America loves you

Are you tired of being discriminated against?

Are you sick of those people chasing you?

Do you want a place to relax, feel loved and enjoy life?


“I want to feel again the breeze of liberty”

If so…


We will take anyone. And by anyone we mean ANYONE!

We don’t care if you were a good or bad person in your country; we don’t care if you did nice or nasty things in your past. We know that we have all made mistakes and we all deserve a second chance. That’s the Latin American philosophy.

Why staying in your country where everybody hates you? You should better come to Latin America and enjoy our magnific features:

Perfect Weather

You can enjoy daily the the marvel of a sunset in a beach at 26 degrees Celsius (80° F for those that think like 1820s people). It’s never too sunny, never too cold. Latin America will pamper you with Piñas Coladas and Hawaiian weather for you and your whole family.


“Even the Ecuadorian embassy has nicer weather than London – Julian Assange

Warm and Understanding People

In Latin America we have suffered a lot, and thus we understand that punishment and pain are never good. If you come here we won’t judge you; instead, we will embrace you as part of our culture. We will feed you and will give you love; as much latino love as you could never imagine.


“In Belize and Guatemala I received understanding, love and so much more”John McAffee


In Latin America we know that sometimes you just don’t want to be found. And that’s fine. Many people in our region do not want the police or other annoying organizations to locate them (including Quen Pompo‘s honest and non-murderer writers). Come and relax: you just have to tell us a nickname for us to bring you your Margaritas and Tequilas.


“Danke, Lateinamerika.”, Adolf Eichmann (aka Pedrito Rojo)

Unconditional Forgiveness

You might feel guilty, but we don’t care about what you did; we will take you back. In Latin America we are all friends and you can come back anytime you want regardless of what you did. And that’s a fact.

salinas“I’m back. Thank God in Latin America no one gives a shit”Salinas de Gortari 


As for the Florence Cassez case: punishment may exist for some behaviours; but forgiveness is granted!


“Good bye mon chèrie, come back soon! Mexico loves you”


Quen Pompó is confident that Edward Snowden will arrive soon to Latin America to share some delicious tacos and cold beers with us!

Edward Snowden

Welcome buen amigo


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