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L. T. Chad Mexican Chornicles. Mission 1: Deployment

Quen Pompo presents L.T. Chad. Chad (Chadton López) was a football player in his school in California and decided to enroll in the army in order to explore new lands (navy is the one that travels stupid!). Bored of his life in the barracks, he decided to travel Mexico. His Latino origins, his love for tacos and the will to bring a correct report from that nation made Chad to go south and enter bandits, narco and enchilada’s land.


L.T. Chad, an American hero.

The oportunity was a C.I. D. E. conference on macroeconomics. With his pasport he took the heliccopter to Mexico. The Hercules deplyment vehicle droped him over the city near thye place that was meant to be  Reforma, known to host de American Embassy. But our hero landed west the meeting place in a place named Centro Historico. Traveling eastwards.


T’s’s’nt’Amurka! I wanna go back!!!

 His Fredddie Mercury appereance got him a free taco and horchata beverage. He presented this foto near the placce known as La Lagunilla, a touristic zone.


Notes: C.I.D.E. stands for the spanish name of Centro de Induccion al Delirio de Excelencia (Research Center of Economics).

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